Pat Testing Labels and Stickers - PAT Tester Pass and Fail Labels
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Pat Testing Labels and Stickers - PAT Tester Pass and Fail Labels
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PAT Testing Labels.
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First Stop Safety helps companies comply with Health and Safety regulations and save money by providing information, training and products.


Key Products: Portable Appliance Testers, PAT Training, PAT Calibrations Service.

Crucible Technologies supplies a number innovative products that are designed and manufactured in the UK.


Key Products: Caller ID Products and Energy Saving Solutions.


Tele-Products Ltd was established in 1988 as a manufacturer of test instruments and 21 years later we are proud of what we have achieved. Amongst our many customers we can list household names like BT, SKY, Sony, Panasonic, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation, Dell computers and Fujitsu amongst others. Our products are in use in many corners of the world from Denmark to New Zealand, from China to South Africa.


Tele-Products Ltd trades as First Stop Safety and Crucible Technologies.


A web site is devoted to information on Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing), PAT testers and PAT testing courses.

Providing information and options for the calibration of  PAT testers of all makes and models and microwave checkers.

Providing detailed information on the BattPAT tester.

This web site has information to help companies save energy, reduce electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions.